About DCP

DCP: Easy, Flexible & Smart

The Washington State Deferred Compensation Program (DCP) is a supplemental retirement savings program (an IRC Section 457 plan) that offers you the opportunity to invest money toward securing the retirement you envision. Whether you have been saving for years, or just getting started, DCP offers you an excellent opportunity to enhance your financial future.

It's Easy

  • Start building your retirement security with as little as $30 a month ($360 per year). Use this handy calculator to get started.
  • Invest to match your style: either customize your account by selecting from a variety of investment options, or simply select a Retirement Strategy Fund that matches your target date for retirement or withdrawal.
  • Easy payroll deduction
  • Enroll now. The process is simple.

It's Flexible

  • Change your contribution amount whenever you want to
  • Roll eligible retirement funds into your DCP account
  • Automatically deduct savings from your paycheck.
  • Access your account, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week on the DCP website and Information Line

It's Smart

  • Low fees: $1.29 per $1000
  • No federal income taxes withheld from your contributions
  • DCP is available to Washington State public employers and their employees
  • Distributions are available without penalty at any age when you separate from employment



For more detailed information, you can review the various Publications on the site, or review the Investment Information.

You can reach us at dcpinfo@drs.wa.gov or 360-664-7839.